FBR REPORT: Burma Army Soldier Rapes and Murders 7-yr-old Girl in Northern Karen State as Burma Army Launches Attacks in Central Karen State and Abuses Continue in Karenni State.
Karen State, Burma
7 January, 2009


On 27 December, 2008, a Burma Army soldier abducted, raped and killed 7-year-old Ma Ne Mya of Ma Oo Bin village in the area close to Kyauk Kyi Town, Nyaunglebin District. According to a report from teams in the area, upon entering the village at around 6 pm, a soldier from LIB 350, abducted the girl and proceeded to take her outside the village and begin to rape her. The soldier shot and killed her when she began to cry loudly. LIB 350 is under the command of Captain Thet Khaing.

Map of area where girl was raped and Burma Army activity in Karenni State

The Following is a report of the same incident sent out on 2 January by the Karen Women’s Organization

2nd January, 2009

Urgent Statement by the Karen Women’s Organization

KWO demands accountability for SPDC rape and killing of 7-year-old girl

The Karen Women’s Organization is demanding the immediate arrest and prosecution of an SPDC soldier who raped and killed a young girl in Burma’s northern Karen State last week, as well as punishment of his commanding officer for failing to take action over the crime.

The body of the 7-year-old girl was found near her house with gunshot wounds in her chest and signs of rape in the village of Ma Oo Bin, Kyauk Kyi Township, Nyaunglebin District, in the evening of December 27, 2008. Villagers had seen a soldier from SPDC Light Infantry (LI) 350 enter the village shortly beforehand, and then heard sounds of a girl crying out and rifle shots.

The girl’s parents and village leaders went to report the case the next day to Captain Thet Khaing, the local commander of SPDC LI 350, stationed near the village, but no action has been taken yet.

The KWO is appalled at this horrific crime, and that the SPDC authorities have failed to take any action over the case. If such impunity continues, the SPDC military will continue to commit such crimes, threatening the lives of women and girls throughout the country.

The KWO demands the immediate arrest of the rapist and prosecution in accordance with the severity of his crime. His commanding officer, Captain Thet Khaing, must also be held accountable for this crime and be punished for failing to ensure prosecution of the offender.

The KWO urges the international community to pressure the SPDC authorities to take action over this case, and to ensure that the victim’s family and other community members face no retaliation for their attempts to seek justice.

Burma Army Displaces More Than 300 Villagers in New Attacks in Dooplaya District

Map of area of Burma Army attacks in Dooplaya District

Hundreds of villagers are in need of food and medical supplies as new Burma Army and DKBA attacks have displaced more than 300 villagers in eastern Dooplaya District, central Karen State. In addition, at least twenty people have been forced to porter for the attacking troops after being captured. Troops from Burma Army IB 545, along with DKBA battalions 907 and 333, have launched attacks designed to squeeze out pockets of already displaced villagers, expand areas and under Burma Army control, and eliminate all KNLA resistance in the area.

The attacks, which began on 2 January, were launched against villagers and the KNLAin the areas of Oo Kray Kee and Hta Htoo Kyo. The attacks have continued, and villagers are now in great need of food, shelter and medical supplies. According to a relief team with the displaced (IDPs) on the ground now, over 100 villagers are hoping to cross the border to seek safety in Thailand, but have been prevented from doing so. It has been reported that the Burma Army and DKBA have suffered several casualties, including three landmine injuries, during their attacks.

Burma Army Activity in Southern Karenni State.

The Burma Army is now conducting sweeping operations and patrols in southern Karenni State, searching for IDPs and pro-democracy Karenni resistance troops. On 31 December, more than 200 soldiers from LIBs 337, 430, and 135 began sweeping through the villages of Bwa Doh, Bu Koh, Kwa Kee, and Koh Has Kee, searching for Karenni Army soldiers and forcing villagers to provide food and other materials for them. The troops from IB 135 were under the command of Ag Ag Tone, LIB 337 troops are under Kyaw Myo Min and the soldiers from LIB 430 were under the command of Tone Tone Lwin. It is not yet known what these units plan to do next. There is a Karenni relief team in the area now providing relief and continuing to report on the situation