FBR Report: Ongoing FBR Response to Cyclone
13 May, 2008

Dear Friends,

Thanks for all of your support for IDPs under attack and the cyclone victims. With your assistance we are able to continue to support relief teams helping people displaced by ongoing attacks of the Burma Army.

In the cyclone-affected area, we are now working with Partners Relief and Development and assisting in three major activities:

1) The support of a local relief network operating in the affected Irrawaddy Delta area, including Rangoon. This network is now providing emergency food, water, medicine and shelter to as many victims as they can.

2) The support and expansion of a communication and information network in order to disseminate information, images and analysis of the situation.

3) Prayer for those in need and encouragement of the local relief network.

Thank you and God bless you,

Free Burma Rangers



Note: Due to the dictators’ obstruction of relief and the threat they pose to those trying to provide relief, we cannot publicly identify all the organizations involved in the relief network we are supporting. Reports on how the aid is used, and its impact, will be available.

Website for Partners Relief and Development: www.partnersworld.org