8 May 2008

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your help and your response for those affected by the cyclone and Burma Army oppression. In spite of the cyclone, the Burma Army continues to displace and attack people in ethnic areas of Burma and our teams are responding at this time. The cyclone-affected area is an area directly under the control of the dictators and we have no full time relief teams there. For the cyclone-affected area, we are now developing a relief network consisting of local groups that can respond to this disaster. This network will assess the needs, purchase or order supplies, package them, transport them and distribute them in the most caring and efficient manner. They will account for and report on the assistance given.

From Thailand, we are working closely with Partners Relief and Development to provide cash and material assistance to this network. Right now two groups of people are in great need– those displaced by the cyclone and those displaced by the attacking Burma Army. If you want to support relief efforts to the FBR teams in the areas under attack and to the network that we are forming in the cyclone areas, please designate your donation for FBR Relief. If you want to support Cyclone Relief only, please designate your donation as such.

Note: The dictators of Burma continue to directly attack their own people and in the case of the cyclone provided no warning, nor did they provide any immediate response to help people in need. An ongoing challenge will be to ensure that relief materials and funds go to those in need and are not diverted by the dictators. We will be sending help through the network of individuals and churches that we have now in Burma and we will be relying on them to account for and report on the relief assistance.

Thanks and God Bless you,
Free Burma Rangers



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