FBR REPORT: Global Day of Prayer for Burma 2008, a Report
21 March, 2008

Note: This Day of Prayer for Burma message is from Christians Concerned for Burma.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all who prayed for the people of Burma on the Global Day of Prayer for Burma. We believe in the power of God through prayer, that changes our lives and can change nations. We are thankful for God’s love and the light of reconciliation and hope that shines in the darkness.

On March 9, 2008, people all over the world prayed for Burma on this the 11th year of this global day of prayer. From the cities of Japan to the mountains of Alaska, from the beaches of Thailand to the fjords of Norway, from the fields of South Africa to the plains of Europe, from the jungles of South America to the Pacific Islands; believers asked for God to intervene in Burma.

The photographs in this message were taken at a prayer service inside Burma. Here a team comprised of the Karen Youth Organization, Partners, Free Burma Rangers, and Christians Concerned for Burma prayed with Christian and Buddhists in a Buddhist village in the Karen State on March 8 and 9, 2008. A midnight candle light prayer service was held on the night of the 8th, followed by prayer on the morning of the 9th. After this, a Good Life Club program was held to encourage and assist the children and families here.

Villagers praying by candellight, Global Day of Prayer for Burma 2008

Thank you and may God bless you,

Christians Concerned for Burma


Good Life Club
Karen pastor prays in Paan District
A Karen worship leader
A family prays at night