Karen State, Burma
14 Februrary, 2008

Dear friends,

Tonight we learned that our friend P’Doh Mahn Shar, General Secretary of the Karen National Union (KNU), was murdered in Mae Sot, Thailand. We do not yet know the details but we want to pass on our sorrow and sympathy to his family. We are very sad that someone would kill him and we hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice. We learned this news while we are on a relief mission in the Karen State, to try to help those attacked and displaced by the dictatorship of Burma.

All around us here are people who know of terror and murder first hand. P’Doh Mahn Shar is not the first to be senselessly murdered. His murder will not be the last, unless people of good will all over the world help to bring change to Burma.

Even though P’Doh Mahn Shar has been killed, his memory lives on and his acts of kindness, resolve and tireless work for the freedom of his Karen people and for all those oppressed in Burma lives on. He is missed, but the work he dedicated his life to; freedom, justice, self determination, and reconciliation, and a Burma where all live in dignity will go on. We will always feel the loss of this leader who worked for a democratic Burma, but all of those who love freedom and justice will continue on inspired by his stand .

His family, friends and the KNU have our prayers and love at this time.

God bless you,

The Free Burma Rangers

(Sent directly from Karen State, Burma)