FBR REPORT: Villager Shot and Killed as Burma Army Completes Rotation of Troops

Photos and report relayed directly from where we are in the Northern Karen State

Karen State, Burma
9 February, 2008

Children from Tha Eh Kee hiding from Burma Army attacks (26 Jan. 2008)
IDP grandmother in hiding in the Saw Wa Der area of Toungoo District (28 Jan. 2008)

Burma Army Kills Villager

On Jan 28, 2008, Burma Army troops from MOC 21 shot and killed Saw Day Kreh Mu, 23. Saw Day Kreh Mu, from Thay Nwey Kee village, was walking with a friend in the jungle close to P’na Mo Keh in the Muthey area of Nyaunglebin District, western Karen State. Burma Army troops on patrol saw him and his friend walking and opened fire on them. Saw Day Kreh Mu was shot dead, however his friend managed to escape.

As part of its strategy to completely dominate the population of northern Karen State, the Burma Army regularly attacks villages and IDP populations. They have a shoot on sight policy for all people found in areas outside of its control. In Toungoo District alone, more than 35 people, including women and children, were killed by the Burma Army in 2007.

Villagers in Muthey, in which there are four Burma Army camps, face constant oppression by the Burma Army and struggle to find enough food to feed their families. People normally rely on the ability to hunt and find jungle vegetables to supplement their diets, but the Burma Army’s shoot on sight policy for anyone found outside villages under their control makes this very difficult.


One of four Burma Army camps close to Muthey village, where the troops who killed Saw Day Kreh Mu are stationed.(19 Dec. 2007)

Burma Army Completes Rotation of Troops
(Overall reduction from 13 Divisional Sized units to 8 Divisional Sized Units now that resupply of camps is near completion)


The Burma Army has now completed the rotation of its troops in northern Karen State. There are now eight divisional-size units, with 54 battalions, deployed from the Toungoo-Mawchi road in the North to the towns of Nyaunglebin and Papun in the South. Attacks against the civilian population have not ceased despite the decrease in troop strength from its 2007 height of 13 divisional-size units and over 90 battalions while the Burma Army made improvements to roads and re-supplied camps in December and January.

Ter Tu Soe Burma Army Camp, one of five new camps built since Dec. 2007 close to Saw Wa Der village in southern Toungoo District. (Jan. 30, 2008)
Burma Army soldiers stationed at new camp close to Ter Tu Soe. (Jan. 30, 2008)
IDP mother with children, including new baby born while hiding from attacks in Toungoo District. ( 26 Jan. 2008).
FBR relief team medic providing treatment to IDPs in Nyaunglebin District. ( 29 Jan. 2008)

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The Free Burma Rangers

Karen State, Burma