Message of Encouragement and Unity from the Karen in the Karen State for the Demonstrators in Burma
Karen State, Burma
27 September, 2007

  This message is being sent directly from the Karen people in the Karen State of Eastern Burma to the demonstrators in the cities of Burma. 27 September 2007.

We the Nyaunglebin District, Karen State, Free Burma Ranger team, Karen Women’s Organization, Karen Youth Organization (FBR, KWO, KYO) work for freedom and democracy and for our people. Therefore we support the demonstration groups in Burma in the current situation.

According to the demonstrations in Rangoon and all over Burma, on behalf of the Nyaunglebin District FBR, we now send this supporting letter to you. We strongly stand together and support the demonstrating groups.

In Burma the Monks are expressing the desire of the Burmese people by peaceful demonstration but the SPDC Regime is using weapons to attack and kill the monks and the people. The SPDC want only to hold on to power.. This is a very ugly and bad thing that is happening.

As the world is against the terrorism, we too feel the same and resist the SPDC regime of terror in Burma. This is our firm stand and we call on all to pray, act with courage and never surrender in our struggle for democracy and freedom.

This is our message of support from the Karen people here in the Nyaunglebin District of the Karen State. We will do our part to continue the struggle and share with you the same goals”.

May God bless you, lead you and protect you,

Your Karen brothers and sisters of the Nyaunglebin FBR, KYO and KWO.

27 September 2007


Photo: Karen of Nyaunglebin District, Karen State from the FBR, KYO, KWO and KHRG