FBR REPORT: New Map of Areas of Displacement, Burma Army Camps and People Under Attack
Northern Karen State, Burma
1 November, 2006

Dear friends,

We are sending this map directly from here in the Northern Karen State where the largest attack against the civilian population since 1997 continues. The Burma Army offensive began in February and has now displaced over 20,000 people and shows no sign of slowing. There is a strong will behind these attacks and it comes as a command from the highest level of the dictators, and is being pushed relentlessly by them. The Burma Army has committed over 58 battalions to this offensive, built 12 new camps and are surveying a new road that when completed will divide the Northern Karen State into four quarters. The all out destruction, subjugation or removal of the Karen people in this area is their goal. We will be sending out a local update tomorrow.

God bless you,
A relief team leader
Northern Karen State