Western Karen State, Nyaunglebin District, Mon Township
28 October, 2006

Over 1,450 people from one valley area alone are now fleeing as the Burma Army attacks their villages and machineguns hiding places of the displaced in Southern Mon Township, Nyaunglebin District, western Karen State. This message is being relayed out from a team leader on the ground with the people under attack. These attacks are part of an ongoing offensive that has displaced over 20,000 people and shows no sign of relenting.

The Burma Army is attacking villages an IDP hiding places in the area south of the Mon Chaung (river) to Kyauk Kyi – Hsaw Hta road.This follows attacks north of the Mon Chaung that started last week.

Burma Army troops (IB 242) fired into Mawn Ki Village and killed one villager, Saw Moo Hkin, and wounded another, Saw Hsa Pu Pu, before he could flee with the others on 24 October, 2006.

Burma Army troops (IB 242) machine-gunned the hiding places of displaced people as they were hiding at Htee Na Hta; at 3:30 p.m. on 26 October, 2006. No word yet of casualties but it is thought that most people escaped.

North of the Mon Chaung (river) over 700 people have been newly displaced as the Burma Army attacks into the Kauk Pya, They Baw Der and K’pa Ta. Burma Army IB 242 is from MOC 16 and started the attacks on 20 October 2006. On 24 October one column arrived at K’waw Ko and another column arrived close by. One column stayed at Kyaut Pya, where they are building a new camp, (close to K’pa Ta Village).

Now 5 Burma Army columns are patrolling in Mon Township.
1 column in Nya Mu Kee area.
1 column in K’ Waw Ko area.
1 column in Nwa Hta area.
1 column in Htee Na Hta area.
1 column in K’pa Hta area. (This column plans to build a new camp in this area)