FBR REPORT: Burma Army Burns Villages and Continues to Re-supply Camps in Southern Toungoo District and Northern Nyaunglebin District
Karen State, Burma
23 September, 2006

Direct communication from relief team in the field:

According to a relief team now working in northern Karen State, the Burma Army has attacked and burned two villages in Toungoo District since the beginning of September. LIB 567, which is in Military Operations Command (MOC) 16, attacked and burned down the villages of Kaw Po Lo and Per Daw Kho. This attack is part of an ongoing offensive in Northern Karen state that began in February 2006, and has continued throughout the monsoon season, displacing over 20,000 people*. MOC 16 battalions continue to patrol and seek out Internally Displaced People (IDPs) who are hiding throughout the southern part of Toungoo District and Mon Township, northern Nyaunglebin District, Karen State. Some of these battalions are operating out of Tha Bin Yut army camp. Div. 66 is operating in this area of Toungoo district as well, and is based at Play Hsa Lo army camp (N 18 45 30 E 096 45 00)

MOC 15 battalions are also operating in the area, especially along the Toungoo—Busakee road. IB 15, also based along this road is currently overseeing rations and re-supplies to be sent from Kler La (Bawgalygyii) towards Busakee.

When asked about the situation of Naw Bey Bey, a medic who was captured and abused by the Burma Army and then sentenced to 8 years in prison, the relief team leader responded that her exact situation was unknown, but that she remained jailed in a Toungoo prison. It was reported earlier by IDPs from western Toungoo District that Naw Bey Bey had been taken out of prison, raped, and forced to be a medic while accompanying a Burma Army battalion operation. She was then returned to prison after the battalion’s operation was completed.

*Please refer to map sent out on Sept. 22, 2006.