FBR REPORT: Message From A Relief Team Leader
Shan State FBR IDP Mission
Shan State, Burma
26 August, 2006

Treating Shan IDP

Shan woman treated by Shan FBR

Shan children and good life packs

These are photos of Shan people receiving medical treatment and relief in the area southwest of Mong Pan, Southern Shan State. Shan FBR relief teams are now conducting relief missions in this area to provide medical assistance, general relief, good life packs for children and to report on the situation. The most important mission the team has, however, is to love and encourage the people.

This area of the Shan State is under Burma Army domination and the people live in fear. Narcotic production, both heroin and amphetamines, occurs under the protection of the Burma Army. In spite of this, the Shan people attempt to live in dignity and being with them is always a warm experience.

God bless you,
A relief team leader
FBR Shan State