FBR REPORT: Burma Army Tortures Villagers and Burns Farms in Thaton District, West-Central Karen State
Karen State, Burma
12 May, 2006

Relief Mission Information:

Thaton District FBR Team report 12 May 06, from April relief mission in Thaton District, West-Central Karen State, Burma.

Mission area: Bilin Township, Ler Kay, Tha Uh Kee and Jue Wyne village tracts

Burma Army troops from LIB 235, Division 101 attacked and tortured villagers, burning rice farms, and stealing from villagers.

Troops were from, LIB 235 Commander and 333 Brigade DKBA troops commanded by Cdr Maung Gyi.

From 29 March to 16 April these troops conducted their operations against civilians in this area.

Specific Incidents:

1) Torture: On 2 April the troops moved into Ler Po village to ask about KNLA positions. When the villagers did not know whereabouts, 8 of them were beaten. The troops then placed plastic bags over their heads and then cut many times with knives.

2) Human Mine clearers: Civilians were placed in front of the patrols to clear the way of landmines.

3) Burning of farms: On 29 March- the troops moved into Ler Be Der village, Tha Uh Kee village tract and burned 13 rice barns. Now the 13 families have no food for next year.

4) Burning of farm and beating of 13 villagers. On 14 Apr-LIB 235, column 2 moved into Noe Ka Nae village, Jue Wyne village tract and burned 1 farms and also shot at 15 civilians. They captured 13 villagers (including one woman)- interrogated about them about the resistance (KNU/KNLA), and beat them when they did not know the whereabouts of the resistance.

5) Stealing from villagers: On 15 April LIB 235, Column 2 Cdr Zaw Zaw Lin moved into Noe Kae Nay village, Jue Wyne village tract and threatened villagers. They took 15 viss and pork worth 50,000 kyat rice and 3 ducks. Also took supplies worth 100,000 kyat from Naw Pau Le Mo’s shop and told the village headman to pay it.

They also went into Naw Ja Rae Kee’s house and took her jewelry worth 200,000 kyat; 5000 kyat in cash, and 12 pots, 12 dishes, 12 spoons and 2 cups

Thank you,

The FBR Thaton Team (K1)