Images from Burma: Orphan Karen Girl Leading Blind Man
Karen State, Burma
9 August, 2006

This 12 year old orphan girl named, Ler La Paw or “Flower of the Green Stone”, leads a man blinded and maimed by a landmine in the their hiding place on the seventh of May 2006. We first met her as she and 300 others were fleeing the Burma Army in southern Mon township, Nyaunglebin District. She is always helping others like leading this blind man to a service in the hide site. Even though she has lost both her parents she is cheerful and full of life. She looks after her younger brother and sister and in turn is taken care of by the pastor, Thra Doh Ner Payaw, who we described in a earlier report.(His story is below). She is a special girl to us. Thank you for your care for her and her people.

God bless you,
A relief team leader


Pastor “Thra Doh”-“Ner Payaw”. This man led a service in the rain for the 300 people who were fleeing the Burma Army. They all arrived at the river in a downpour and had to huddle under pieces of plastic or banana leaves as the rain came down. On the second day at this hide site, the pastor organized a prayer service. The next day a powerful wind storm (from a Typhoon in the Bay of Bengal) caused many trees to fall. He got his family, including orphans he takes care of, and two other families out of their three shelters just before a giant tree snapped and crashed down on his and the other two families’ shelters. He had painstakingly built his shelter out of bamboo and had just finished the thatch roof, which took two days to construct. Now the hut and all his families’ possessions lay under the fallen tree. What was his reaction to this new calamity? He looked at the mess as he stood in the wind and rain, then he turned to the team and laughed and said, “Look, God just sent me firewood!” He then set about making another shelter for his family.