FBR REPORT: Karen Humanitarian Relief Worker Killed by a Land Mine Placed by the Burma Army
Muthraw District, Karen State, Burma
5 May, 2006
Saw Mu, "Mr Happy"
Saw Mu, “Mr Happy”

Yesterday we lost one of our best men due to a landmine placed by the Burma Army landmine. His name was Saw Mu (Mr. Happy), but we called him Mr.Afraid because he was not. He was the Muthraw District Free Burma Ranger team video camera man. He was the team counselor and an additional duty for which he volunteered, was children programs with the Good Life Club. He was a bright, humble and brave young man.We are saddened by his death but believe he did not die in vain and was the finest example of Karen manhood. His was a full life of giving to many and he set an example of servant leadership. He died putting a light on the current Burma Army attacks on the civilians of this area and that light is shining.

Personal note: Saw Mu was single, a Christian and his hope was in God. He was always smiling and laughing and was a friend to me and my family. He took time, even when he was under the pressure of training, to play with our children. He was always joking and it is hard to think that on earth we will not see him again. It is tragic to lose him. I thought afterwards that for me, even though his life has made a great difference for good, only God’s promise of a new life gives me any hope in the situation of his death. We will do our best to honor Saw Mu, help his family and are blessed to have walked in this land with him.

God bless you all,
A relief team leader