FBR REPORT: Burma Army Soldier Rapes and Kills Naw Say Paw
Karenni State, Burma
17 February, 2006

The wife of a former Burma Army soldier was raped and killed by another Burma Army soldier on 6th February, 2006.

Naw Say Paw, 38 years old, was raped and killed by Win Naing, the 1stLieutenant of LIB 337, # 2 company. After Lt Win Naing raped Naw Say Paw hestabbed her three times in the chest and cut her throat.

Naw Say Paw’s husband, Sgt. Aung is a 39-year-old soldier who joined theBurma Army in 1987, serving in LIB 337 (commanded by Kyi Oo). At the time ofthe murder, he was at Rangoon at a teaching camp where he was a trainer ofnew soldiers. His wife Naw Say Paw was home alone in Bawlake town, northernKarenni State.

When he returned home, he learned of the murder and rape of his wife andthen fled for his life. The Burma Army chased him but he fought them,wounding three soldiers and then fled to the Karenni Resistance. He ran awayfrom his battalion on 5 February 2006 and arrived at the Karenni resistancearea on 8 February 2006.

Sergeant Saw B Aung has one child, Noe Noe, who is now being looked after byhis grandparents.

NB LIB 337 is the unit that has now replaced LIB 424 in Mawchi, southernKarenni State.