FBR REPORT: Photos of Burma Army Officer and Troops
Karen State, Burma

16 January, 2006

Source: FBR

These first two photos are of the same Burma Army officer: Klay Soe Kee Jan. He is a soldier from BA Infantry Battalion 75. This officer belongs to the same unit that burnt down the village of Hee Daw Kaw in Northern Karen State and laid the landmines which blew off the foot of a 75 year old Karen man in November 2005.

Officer Klay Soe Kee Jan, IB75

Officer Klay Soe Kee Jan, IB75

These two Burma Army soldiers are from LIB 440. It was this Battalion which attacked the village of Saw Wa Der in Karen State in December 2006.

This tractor is being used to build the road from Kler La to Mawchi – causing the displacement of countless Karen villagers.


A blind man and disabled man hide from the Burma Army on Dec 24th 2005