FBR REPORT: Burma Army Actvivities in Nyaunglebin District, Western Karen State
Karen State, Burma
17 December, 2005

In this area the Burma Army burns a village, conducts forced labor and robs villagers.

Ler Doh Township

On 16/11/05 two Burma Army bulldozers and one truck full of food arrived at Mu Thae Burma Army camp and on 19/11/05 left east towards the Karen area of Muthraw district.

On 16/11/05 Burma Army LIB 349 led by battalion commander Zaw Taun forced villagers from Pa-ta-la, Wae-la-daw, Thu-ka-bee, Aye-net village tracts to clean the Ler Doh and Saw Hti car road.

Mon Township:

Burma Army Ma-la-daw camp: LIB 599 led by deputy battalion commander ordered his soldiers to burn down Ter-kweh-lay ko village and the troop burned the village down at 29/11/05 5 pm.

The 15 houses burned down belonged to the following people and including all the house hold losses as follow.

1) Naw Pwe Paw Htoo – 248000 Kyat / 2) Naw Khin La – 300000 kyat/ 3) Saw Kweh Say – 400000 kyat/ 4) Saw Mg Nyot – 500000 kyat/ 5) Saw Paw Hae – 390000 kyat/ 6) Saw Wei Say -274000 kyat/ 7) Saw Keh Mg Puu -350000 kyat/ 8) Saw Ta Ku lu – 420000 kyat/ 9) Saw Hae Kgay – 460000 kyat/ 10) Sei Khin Mg 550000 kyat/ 11) Saw Chit Khin – 290000 kyat/ 12) Saw Klo Lay Htoo – 350000 kyat/ 13) Saw Taw Lay – 310000 kyat/ 14) Saw Ma La Ka 430000 kyat/ 15) Saw Raw Ner’s house not burn. The total for all cost are 5342000 kyat. The ordered to LIB 599 battalion came from Southern Command Headquarter general Ko Ko.

Because of these attacks the nearby villagers of Maw Keh Tha Per Ko and Ma la daw villages are afraid and worry for their villages as well. So they have packed all their household goods and supplies and keep them outside their houses ready to go.

On 1/12/05 one column from Burma Army LIB 599 led by commander Pyit Soen forced villagers from Kyaut Tan Chaw, Thet Myaw, Po Toe Chaw, Kein Moe Chaw, Mae S’lee Go, Det Pun, Hsaw Wah der villages. All the villagers who work in their farm, orchard, and crops fields must go back into their village, if even one stays behind all the farms huts will burned down.

Burma Army SOC commander Khin Soe and IB 60 battalion commander Saw lin with 30 soldiers, on 23/11/05 entered Hsaw Mi Lu village, Ler Doh township and captured 5 villagers, Saw Hsaa bway paw, Saw May Shae, Saw Po Bay, Saw Shwe Thaw, and Saw Ta Lo, the troop keep these 5 men in Ler doh SOC camp 3 days then took them to the Ler Doh militia camp.

On 30/11/05 IB 76 led by battalion commander Lt.col. Zaw Thu with 150 soldiers patrolling in Saw Ka Der village tract at Htee Hser Day, Kwe So Ko, Keh Ka Ko villages and villagers fled into a jungle. Because of this some of paddy farms were damaged because there was no one to take care of the fields.

On 3/12/05 The Burma Army Tha Pyi Nyut camp commander Myit Htay was replaced by the Ma La Daw mobile force commander, Commander Pyit Soen.

One 1/12/05 LIB 599 one column led by commander Ya Naung entered in Ka Moo Lo demanded food from villagers cost 7400 kyat. On the 2/12/05 the same troops entered in Yu Lo demand cigar, chicken, milk cost 11100 kyat. On the 3/12/05 Tha Pyi Nyut camp demanded 2 viss of beetle nut and total of money 21400 kyat from Yu Lo villagers and said it was for a football match at Tha Pyi Nyut.