FBR REPORT: SPDC and DKBA Guilty of Abuses
Karen State, Burma
28 October, 2005

  Overview: SPDC and DKBA violate human rights abuses  

A Free Burma Ranger team accumulated evidence from August and September 2005 in three Townships (Belin, Kyack Htoo, Thaton) in the Thaton District inside Karen State. They have uncovered evidence of continuing violations of human rights of Karen villagers by Burma Army troops (SPDC) and by soldiers of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA). The exploitation includes the theft of villager’s possessions, forced portering, the laying of landmines around village communities and the injuring of women villagers.

Below are specific accounts of human rights abuses committed.

Soldiers take what villagers need to survive

Human rights abuses committed by the SPDC in Belin Township, Karen State;

On 17th August, 2005, soldiers led by Myor Nya Myo Htun of Burma Army LIB Battalion No-2 stole a school teacher’s possessions at XXX Village.  They also took clothes, cooking utensils, livestock and 6000 Kyat from the villagers.

Human rights abuses committed by SPDC troops in Tha Hton Township;

On 14th September 2005, Burma Army IB 102 captain Aung Sam Lay forced civilians from XXX village to send them 140 logs.
On 16th September 2005, Burma Army LIB 9 forced Mayarn Gon of XXX Village to load a rack of 200 logs to reconstruct the bridge between Htee Nya Paw and Ma Yarn Gon.

On 20th August 2005, Burma Army LIB 102 column No-2, led by  commander Aung Zaw Oo, gave orders for four villages to each give 50 teak leafs and 50 bamboo shafts by the date 22nd August 2005.

The account below took place in Kyack Htoo Township;

On 22nd August 2005, Burma Army LIB 96 led by commander Maung Maung Oo demanded leaf and bamboo from villagers. XXX Village had to send 700 logs of bamboo, XXX Village sent 400 bamboos, XXX Village sent 300 bamboos. XXX Village gave 400 bamboos. Any family who could not contribute bamboo had to pay 500 Kyats.
  DKBA abuses include laying of landmines  

Human rights abuses committed by the DKBA in Belin Township, Karen State;

On 13th August, 2005 DKBA troops shot and took away a pig, estimated to be worth 25000 kyats from XXX Village as well as rice supplies.

On 24th August, 2005, Than Htin (DKBA), Bo Be (DKBA) and Mo Kyo (DKBA) forced civilians from three villages to carry loads. The materials were for the construction of the soldier’s houses.

On 1st September, 2005, Than Htun of the DKBA ordered two villagers to stop breeding chickens and pigs despite these livestock being key to their survival. The Animist community tried to get permission for them to practice their religious customs but the troops refused.

On 4th September 2005, Bo Lwei of the DKBA and his group asked for 2 tins of rice from XXX Village. The head of the village tried his best to resist but the soldiers became angry and fired 20 bullets into the air. Fearing violence, the villagers gave into their demands.

On 9 September, 2005, Mo Joe and Pah Ker Ler of the DKBA took away a cow which belonged XXX of the XXX Village. The next day they forced five villagers, including the head of the village to go with them to Kaw Hai. The DKBA cut all the villagers hair like monks and sent them back.

On 1st September, 2005 DKBA Head quarter troops leaded by Mo Joc entered three Village tracks and started warning villagers not to go out from their village to forest. Later that day, a DKBA group starting firing shots into a house, injuring 3 women and one man at XXX Village. The villagers from the three village tracts continue to live in fear. They dare not go out of their village because Mo Joe ordered his troops to lay mine around the villages


  Notes to Editor    

Names of villagers and villages have been changed to protect their identity.