FBR REPORT: Burma Army Murdering and Torturing in Karen State
Karen State, Burma
22 August, 2005

Burma Army Forces murders a Karen villager and captures and tortures a Karen soldier during negotiations.

1) On 16 August 2005, soldiers of the Burma Army battalion 283 murdered a Karen villager in Lay Kaw Hti, Dooplaya District, Karen State.Lay Kaw Hti is on the Burma-Thai border between Three Pagoda Pass and Bueng Klung, (west of Umphang and south of Mae Sot), Thailand. Saw Yakee, in his fortys and married, was murderred for no apparent reason by the soldiers. He was a villager with a good reputation and was not a member of the Karen Army. He had good relations with everyone around the village. His murder is still being investigated. FBR

2) On 21 August 2005, Burma Army forces captured and tortured a group of Karen soldiers in XX village, Paan District, Karen State. The soldiers were able to escape but one man is still being held and we are praying for his survival and relase. He was part of a negotiatig team that was set up and betrayed.