FBR REPORT: Burma Army Commandeers Civilian Trucks to Re-supply Camps
Toungoo District, Karen State, Burma
31 January, 2005

The Burma Army has now commandeered nine civilian trucks to re-supply its camps on
the Toungoo-Mawchi and Kler Lah (Baw Gale Gyi)-Busakee roads; date 31 Jan 05. On 29
January, 2005, Burma Army troops fired on IDPs attempting to cross the Toungoo-Mawchi
road. The IDPs escaped without casualties.

The following civilians were forced to use their trucks (9 total), to move Burma Army

  • From Kler Lah (Baw Gale Gyi):
  • Saw Saw Saw
    Saw Say Say
    Saw Htoo
    Saw Doh Lay
    Saw Yo
    Saw Pwey
    Naw Lee Lee

  • From Kaw The Der (Yee Tho Gyi):

    Naw Naw
    Maw Mam

The civilian men below are being held responsible by the Burma Army for any vehicle
break down, loss of supplies or attack by KNU troops.

Saw Koko
Saw Pu Pu
Saw Geh Lay
Saw Day Pu

(all names have been changed for the security of the villagers. Their real names are on