FBR REPORT: IDPS in Nyaunglebin District Still in hiding as the Burma Army Continues to Build New Camps
Karen State, Burma
15 January, 2005

The IDPS in Nyaunglebin District Western Karen State are still in hiding as the Burma Army continues to build new camps. These photos were taken by a relief team in December 2004 but these IDPs are still in hiding now in 2005.

Medical treatment, blankets, cooking pots, rice, “Good Life Club” Packs for mothers and children, educational supplies, bible and hymnals to replace those burned by the Burma Army and clothes were distributed to these IDPs.

Pregnant IDP woman recieves clothes. Nyaunglebin District, Karen State, Burma

This 8 month pregnant IDP woman and friend receive clothes from a relief team. This lady and over 4,000 other people are still in hiding after attacks from the Burma Army in November and December 2004. Photo; 24 December, 2004.

IDP relief in Nyaunglebin District, Western Karen State, Burma

IDP women recieve relief supplies and “Good Life Club” packs from relief team. December 24, 2004. These women and over 4,000 other Karen civilans are still in hiding in Shwyegyn Township, Nyaunglebin, Burma.