FBR REPORT: Burma Army Forces Four Women to Porter Loads in Naw Soe, Toungoo District
Naw Soe, Toungoo District, Northern Karen State, Burma
17 January, 2005

In Naw Soe, Tantabin Township, Toungoo District Northern Karen State, Burma,
on 15 January 2005, the SPDC forced women to porter loads.

Burma Army battalion IB 73 forced four Karen women from Kaw They Der village
to carry loads for them to their camp at Naw Soe.

At 0700 am on 15 January 2005 Burma Army troops from IB 73 forced four Karen
women from Kaw They Der to carry food supplies to the Burma Army camp at Naw

Kaw They Der is located vicinity;  E 096  49  N 18  55. There is a Burma
Army camp here adjacent to the village and the road to Busakee.
Naw Soe Burma Army camp is further south along the Busakee road, vicinity E
096  49  N 18  51.

The names of the four women are: Naw XXX, Naw XXX, Naw XXX, and Naw XXX*
* The names of the women have been recorded, but are not included here for their security.