FBR REPORT: Burma Army Troops Burning Homes, Rice Fields and Barns in Karen State
Hsaw Htee Township, Naunglybin District, Karen State, Burma
18 November, 2004

.On 14/11/04, three Burma Army Battalions, IB 57, LIB 350 and LIB 589, left the town of Shwegyin and entered the Su Mu Lah River and Khaw Lah River area. The Burma Army Troops of the SPDC burned the civilians’ houses, field huts and paddy. The Burma Army troops are still there as of 18 November, 2004.


In 2000 these villages fled when SPDC (Burma Army) soldiers entered the Yah Aung (Yah Aw) village area. In 2003 the villagers returned from their hiding places and started to cultivate their old fields and resettle. Due to the ongoing threat of Burma Army attack, the villagers lived in separate smaller groups of houses rather than as villages.

The villages in the Yah Aung area are Nya Lee Pu, K’HeeDay and T’Kaw Lay Ko.