FBR REPORT: IDPs Flee Burma Army Troops, One Villager Captured by Burma Army 28 and 29 June 2004
Karen State, Burma
29 June, 2004

Karenni IDPs in hiding, 29 June 2004
Karenni fleeing Burma Army, 28 June 2004
Karenni fleeing Burma Army, 28 June 2004

Burma Army troops entered into Paho village, Karenni State, on 28 June and
captured one villager. This villager had left the hiding place to gather his
possessions. The Burma Army then approached the hiding place of the
villagers causing the villagers to flee deeper into the jungle.

The relief team helped to move ten families from one hide site to another,
keeping them away from the Burma Army. This morning, 29 June, the families
moved further away again as the Burma Army approached. The Burma Army and
KNSO (Karenni National Solidarity Organization) are now approaching from two
directions. The IDPs have now been sent on again with part of the relief
team as the rest of the team will stay in the area to help villagers who did
not make it to the hide site and to keep watch on the Burma Army.

It has been reported that the villager who was captured has now been
released, but at the time of this report the team has had no direct contact
with him.


Karenni villagers flee approaching Burma Army troops – 25 June 2004

Burma Army Battalion LIB 135 approached the Karenni village of Paho on 25
June 2004. The villagers fled and are now in hiding. Paho is located five
miles north of the Karenni-Karen State border, in the vicinity of Nat Thaung
Mountain (elevation 8,607 feet). The village itself is located on the
eastern slopes of the mountain between 4,500-5,000 feet (E 097 degrees  07
minutes, N 18 degrees 03 minutes 30 seconds). The villagers are fleeing with
only what they can carry and will try to find a place to hide tonight, 26
June 2004.