FBR REPORT: Continued Burma Army Attacks
Karen State, Burma
18 January, 2004

Three Battalions of the Burma Army LIB 512, LIB 18 and IB 3 are continuing their attacks against Karen villagers in Northern Karen State.There have also been clashes between the Burma Army and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA-KNU). On 17 Jan at 1200 hrs LIB 512 attacked villagers near Kolay village (N 18 35 18 E 097 09 56 ), chasing them into the jungle. A group of KNLA soldiers and one village militia member returned fire but were driven from a hill to near the village by the attacking Burma Army battalion. The Burma Army attacked with a concentration of heavy fire from 2.5 inch mortars, RPG-7s, M-79 grenade launchers and light (5.56), machineguns. The villagers, militia member and KNLA were able to escape with no casualties. The shooting lasted for 30 minutes. The location of this attack is N 18 35 18 E 097 09 56. This is approximately 300 meters from Kolay village, Northern Muthraw district, Karen state. Over 500 villagers from Kolay and two other nearby villages are now in hiding. ON 18 Jan 2004, at 7 am, the Burma Army LIB 512 attacked villagers 2 kilometers north of Kolay with mortar, RPG and machine guns. A group of 9 KNLA soldiers returned fire but were driven out of the area after one hour. There were no Karen casualties but Burma Army casualties are unknown. The location of this attack is N 18 35 47 E 097 09 29. 18 Jan 2004, at 0920 am, LIB 18 attacked with mortars, M-79 and light machineguns. This fighting took place near Paw Thoo Ko village at approximately N 18 36 00 E 97 07 00. One Karen soldier (KNLA), was severely wounded and is now being moved for treatment. No villagers wounded, Burma army casulties unknown.