Baptism in the Jungle: “I Want a New Life”

Karen State, Burma

19 May 2024

On Sunday, 19 May, in the jungle of Karen State, six followers of Jesus asked to be baptized. Some had believed in Jesus for many years and others were new in their faith. We were in a special medical training and four of the students – men and women from the Karenni, Karen, and Burman ethnic groups – said they wanted a new life. Joining them were two American women who only recently arrived to visit FBR. One of the women said, “When we walked into camp we could feel God’s presence. I want to be baptized.”

On Sunday, we gathered with some of our team and walked down to the river before church. One by one, the six people entered the water and, one by one, they professed their faith in Jesus. They declared their gratitude for forgiveness of sin and for the new life Jesus had given them now and forever. As they came back up out of the water, a choir of children and our team sang “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Alleluia.” It was a sacred and moving time as our hearts filled with God’s presence and we struggled to sing without crying as we witnessed joy, peace, gratitude, and God’s loving presence. We were all blessed to be there. Thank you for praying for these six special people and for all the new medics as they go home to serve in harm’s way. We go together and we go with God .

Thanks and God bless you,

Dave, family, and FBR