Doctors as Targets: Many Killed In Burma Army’s Attacks On Medical Facilities

21 June 2023

Karenni and southern Shan State, Burma

Dear Friends,

The bombs came down with very little warning and the four medics, manning their casualty collection point, were instantly killed by the direct hit of a 500-pound bomb. The very next day, at a different casualty collection point, two couples – both husband and wife teams of medics – were also hit directly with a 500-pound bomb as they served at their medical post. The intentional targeting and murder of these eight people by airstrikes as they manned medical facilities is evil and a war crime. Just prior to these incidences, we visited two clinics that had been destroyed by Burma Army airstrikes, as well as a hospital that had been destroyed, killing two patients, including a baby. Before that, we visited teams of doctors from three different hospitals that we support and every one of them has been hit by airstrikes, every one has had to move, and all have been attacked again.

These airstrikes and destruction, and the murder of medical personnel, have affected all medical operations in Burma. In Karenni State, every single hospital and every clinic has been attacked from the air; many also have been attacked by mortars on the ground. The direct targeting by the Burma Army of medical personnel and the facilities that give life-saving help is a regular pattern in Karenni State and all over Burma. It is a huge evil. One local leader told us, “Did you know those supporting the dictators of Burma are Russia and Iran and North Korea and China? These are evil governments supporting an evil government, all united, supporting them. Why aren’t the good countries united to support us? Why isn’t even one good country helping us? Why do only the evil countries get involved?”

Dear friends, please pray for the medical people: that they could survive this, and that we could help them find places to hide and rebuild hospitals and clinics that continue to serve and give life-saving help. Hundreds of villagers have been killed as well as local resistance; thousands are wounded and help is greatly needed. In Karenni State, over three hundred thousand people are displaced; many are in need of medical care and all are living with fear. All over Burma there are over three million people displaced. Please pray for countries of good will to choose to help the people here.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dave, family, and FBR

The casualty collection point where four medics were killed by a direct hit from a 500-pound bomb dropped by the Burma Army on 27 May 2023.
Thaung Salone Clinic, destroyed by Burma Army bombs on 10 May 2023.
Thaung Salone Clinic.
Inside Thaung Salone Clinic.
Landmine with mortar IED laid by the Burma Army outside Thaung Salone Clinic, on the path to the casualty collection point.
Bomb crater outside Thaung Salone Clinic.
FBR medic treats sick IDP.
FBR medic treats a displaced Karenni woman in a hiding place.
San Pwey Hospital in Shan State, Burma, where two patients and a baby were killed by a Burma Army bombing on 25 April 2023.
San Pwey Hospital.
A dog severely wounded in the bombing that killed six people on 24 May 2023, west of Demoso, Karenni State, Burma.
Treating the wounded dog.
Surgery on the wounded dog who is now recovering.