Ranger Children’s Program Leader Thant Zaw Htwe Killed by Burma Army Landmine on 11 April 2023

Dear friends, 

I am so sad to report to you that we lost a Ranger children’s program leader. Thant Zaw Htwe was killed by a Burma Army landmine on 11 April 2023, in Nyaunglebin District, Karen State, Burma.

He was a leading member of the Good Life Club program and one of the kindest, most humble, and hard-working rangers we ever served with. He also was a video-man and reporter on his team. On the last mission we spent with him, his constant smile brightened each day while his love gave joy to children in hiding. After every children’s program, he would walk around and pick up trash and spent extra time comforting families. He was the first to be ready for any mission and one of the last to leave a dangerous area. I was very close to him, as was my family and all the rangers.

He was a young Burman who joined FBR after the coup and always prayed with us for freedom, justice, and reconciliation. His life was cut short by a Burma Army landmine and we are all devastated. When I heard the news, I cried and prayed for his family. We pray for an end to the Burma Army attacks and the dictatorship that kills and maims so many. This same week another of our team, Nyi Nyi, lost his foot to a Burma Army landmine in Karenni State. All this is evil. We will do our best to help take care of Thant Zaw Htwe’s family and to honor his memory. 

Love and God bless you,

Dave, family and teams

Below are photos of Thant Zaw Htwe on a relief mission.

Thant Zaw Htwe starts us on the day, smiling. 
Thant Zaw Htwe carries food for Karenni IDPs.
Thant Zaw Htwe, right front, dances for a GLC program in Karenni State. 
Thant Zaw Htwe in Karen State after a GLC program.