Burma Military Bombs Villages and a Clinic in Karen State: “We are all very afraid of the bombing and my family is hiding in the jungle now.”

6 February 2022

Karen State, Burma

On January 4 and 12, 2022,  Burma Army airforce jets dropped a total of eight bombs on the villages of Mae Kaw Law (17 55 N 97 17 E) and Wah Ka Der (17 58 N 97 19 E). Homes in the village of Mae Kaw Law and the clinic at Wah Ka Der were destroyed, three people were injured and all the villagers fled into the jungle. Below are photos of the bomb damage to the villages, fields, and clinic. The people remain in hiding and thank you for praying for them.  One of the villagers, as he stood in a bomb crater in his fields, told us, “We are all very afraid of the bombing and my family is hiding in the jungle now.” Our teams went to give medical care, food support and did a GLC program with the families there. 

God bless you,

Free Burma Rangers

Wah Ka Der Clinic was destroyed by Burma Army bombs on 12 January 2022.
The Head man of Mae Kaw Law stands in front of the home where three people were injured by an earlier bombing.
Other homes were destroyed by the bombing and the villagers are now in hiding. 
Bomb crater in a rice field at Mae Kaw Law.
The fields of Maw Kaw Law, are now abandoned.