Thriving in the Face of Adversity

Free Burma Rangers

Kachin Basic Training and Mission to Burma Yang IDP Camp

April 2021
Kachin Basic Ranger Training, Class of April, 2021

Thirty-eight young Kachin men and women decided to thrive amidst the chaos of a tyrannical military junta and upsurges in coronavirus cases by attending and completing a ten-week Free Burma Ranger Basic Training Course in Kachin State, Burma, in April 2021. The ten week course included a one-and-a-half week mission to provide the students with practical applications of their recently learned skills, relief to surrounding IDP camps and to tell the story of what is happening in Burma. While standing at the crossroads of despondency and positive action they have chosen the latter. They go in God’s love to give help and hope to their people.

Subsequent to the training, FBR leaders conducted a mission in July, hoping to bring help, hope and love to a remote IDP camp, Bumra Yang, by providing food, rain gear, toilets and other much needed supplies.

Students receive basic equipment necessary to participate in the training.
Spartan living conditions of the students and instructors.
The students recite the Ranger motto before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Students are required to perform daily work, including cooking, laundry and cleaning.
Equipping the students with basic skills to collect raw field data to write reports regarding the current conflict, human rights violations and the situation within the IDP camps.
Practical exercise: patient assessment, stabilization and transport.
How to take vital signs.
Constructing 3-dimensional terrain models of the area of operation (AO) is another building block towards developing a proficiency in navigation.
Students learn to draw topographical maps of the AO.
The students are taught how to perform intramuscular injections to better assist more advanced FBR medics and health care professionals in the field.

Mission: Bumra Yang IDP Camp

Villagers fled their homes, April 2018, after Burma Army Jet Fighters attacked with bombs and machine gun fire.  They were escorted by Kachin Independence Army Soldiers to Bumra Yang IDP Camp which then housed only seven families.  As the situation quieted in January 2019 they returned to their villages to find their homes ransacked and their livestock slaughtered by the Burma Army.  After one year of rebuilding and planting, fighting erupted nearby between the KIA and Burma Army.  The villagers fled once again back to Bumra Yang where they currently reside.  Nestled in the remote highlands of Kachin State it is the home of 140 families and sees little aid apart from what is given through small local and foreign NGOs.  A small band of Kachin Rangers reported on the situation and provided as much aid as they were able.

Rangers conducted a Good Life Club program for IDP children.
Roads become impassable by vehicle during the rainy season, requiring teams to walk or hire motorbikes to move materials or personnel. On this mission the Rangers hired 11 motorbikes to move the supplies to Bumra Yang IDP camp.
Upon arrival at Bumra Yang IDP camp, the Rangers encouraged the people and distributed food and supplies for 140 families, as Burma Army jets flew overhead. Supplies included mosquito nets, rain boots, tarps, coats, water filters, kitchen supplies and sports equipment for the schools, as well as a food pack with various food staples. According to the local camp leaders, Bumra Yang IDP camp receives no other help from outside organizations.
Poor sanitation is a common problem in the camps. The Rangers helped by digging latrines and trash pits.