Afghanistan Call for Prayer

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for praying and caring for the people of Afghanistan. The current situation in Afghanistan has been very heavy on our hearts and we pray to God that it is not a burden but an inspiration. We pray for the people of Afghanistan: that they would feel the saving love of Jesus, that they would know how to escape or where to go to stand, that the Taliban would feel God’s love and repent or be confused and ineffective, that the international community would do the right thing to help the people there, and that all of us would be praying and doing what God wants.

Right now we are praying for the Afghans and we are coordinating with like-minded friends to get people out and assistance in. Thank you for all your prayers and your help in this as well as our ongoing missions to the people of Burma, Iraq and Syria. I am including some pictures of our family in Afghanistan a few years ago when we were visiting friends there. We love the Afghan people and are helping and will stand with them as God leads us. 

Thank you and God bless you, 

Dave, family and FBR