Burma Army Attacks Drive 123 Children into the Jungle Amidst Monsoon Rains

Photo Essay

5 – 6 August 2021,
Be Thu Village, Phe Khon Township, Burma

In this area near the border of Shan State and Karenni State, heavy fighting broke out between the Burma Army and Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF). There are over 200 Burma Army soldiers around Be Thu Village. 262 villagers, including 123 children, in Be Thu Village evacuated the village in the night and the Karenni Ranger team helped move them to safety the next morning. The following day they conducted a Good Life Club program and encouraged the villagers to maintain hope and never give up. These villagers are among nearly 100,000 displaced people in Karenni State who have been forced to flee Burma Army violence.

Below: Karenni Rangers bring help to villagers fleeing Burma Army attacks in the midst of monsoon rains.