“When Can We Go Home?” Syrians Call for Turkey to Withdraw

2 November 2020

Northeast Syria

Dear friends,

On 9 Oct. 2019, Turkey invaded northeast Syria, displacing 200,000 people. One year later, they remain displaced, wondering when they will be able to safely return home. These IDPs saw family and friends killed by Turkish-backed attacks, losing their homes and lands at the same time. Our new video features recent, deadly attacks by Turkish forces and the stories of people who remain displaced by the Turkish invasion and who will soon face winter in IDP camps not sustainable for long-term living.

The video also includes a message from Elizabeth Gourieh, Christian Co-Deputy Chair of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES), and a message from General Mazloum Abdi, Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, to the US government and military.

We pray that these attacks will stop, that Turkey will withdraw from this area, and that people will be able to safely return home. Thank you for standing with the people in northeast Syria and for praying with us.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dave Eubank