Burma Army Maneuvers in Kachin State and Attacks in Shan State

29 January 2020

Kachin and Northern Shan States


Fighting in northern Shan State occurred across military positions and urban centers, such as in Muse and Manton townships. These townships saw large battles between TNLA/KIA forces and Burma Army elements. Reports of extortion from Burma Army officers continued in both locales, involving civilian traffic or mining equipment and machinery. Myanmar Air Force unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were also spotted scouting KIA headquarters in Mansi Township.


Kachin State- 3 Incidents

Waingmaw Township- 1 Incident  

On Dec. 3 at 1050 hours, a combined force of Burma Army troops (approximately 83 troops) from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 388 and Infantry Battalion (IB) 93, relocated from a previous action against KIA Seng Mai Outpost to Gang Dau Yang via Ugrang Pa.

On Dec. 5 at 1130 hours, LIB 388 returned to Sam Pai.


Mansi Township- 2 Incidents

On Dec. 1, KIA soldiers from the 27th Battalion moved to the vicinity of Nga Nga Hkyet Post where they had been displaced the day prior by a Burma Army attack.

On Dec. 2 at 0800 hours, the KIA soldiers were repositioned in the same post.

On Dec. 2 at 1220 hours, a Burma Army UAV made a pass over the headquarters of KIA 12th and 27th Battalion. It was reported that the UAV originated from Chyauk Hpya Post.

On Dec. 17 at 0815 hours, No. 1 Sleeping Dormitory at IDP Camp (1) in the Kachin Baptist church compound, Mung Hkawng Village, caught fire from the spread of coal after cooking. Five dorms, 65 sacks of paddy, two bank cards, two motorcycles, and 900,000 kyats burned.


Northern Shan State- 9 Clashes, 7 Incidents

Lashio Township- 1 Incident

On Dec. 1, Burma Army soldiers from Eastern Command carried out extensive checks at night at the No. 2 Lashio entry/exit checkpoint.

On Dec. 10 at 0700 hours, there was a clash between TNLA soldiers and Burma Army soldiers on road slopes of Namhpang and Makman.


Danai Township- 2 Incidents

On Dec. 4, Burma Army soldiers stationed at Danai River Checkpoint banned civilian ship traffic access to Awng Lawt Village.

On Dec. 30 at 2350 hours, a fire started at the Maha Noi Tea Shop in Jahtu Zup Village. The resulting flames spread to 140 adjacent shops and 11 houses in the neighboring area.


Manton Township- 4 Clashes

On Dec. 5 between 1030-1100 hours, there was a clash between TNLA soldiers and Burma Army soldiers in the vicinity of Banghang Kaba.

On Dec. 6 between 0740-0800 hours, a combined force from Light Infantry Divisions (LIDs) 77 and 88 (estimated at 200 soldiers) clashed with elements of TNLA Brigade 1 (100 soldiers estimated) in an area between Htung Lung and Namjang villages.

On Dec. 19, TNLA soldiers command detonated a landmine within range of an estimated 70 Burma Army soldiers from IB 255 en route from Nam Lang, killing one and wounding two.

On Dec. 29 at 0700 hours, an exchange of fire occurred between a Burma Army element (80 soldiers estimated) en route from Pang Sari and soldiers from TNLA Unit No. 666 at Kung Lau.


Shwegu Township- 1 Incident

On Dec. 7 between 1515-1630 hours, two dormitories in the Roman Catholic church compound suffered from an electric fire in the No. 4 Baw Ga Bala quarter.


Hpakant Township- 2 Incidents

On Dec. 9 at 1300 hours, approximately 10 Burma Army soldiers led by Capt. Aung Myu Than drove to property owned by the Hpakant Catholic religious service in the Mawsiza mining area in an all-terrain truck. The soldiers demanded 1,000,000 kyats (10 Lakhs) from members of the Hpakant Region Culture and Church who were mining in that area. After receiving the money, the soldiers returned to their position at the Burma Army medical corps branch in Lapyin Wan.

On Dec. 23, a Burma Army operations commander in the Ginsi Village told business owners mining gold and jade near the Ginsi, Tang Gau, Ginsi Hkaw areas that they must come to the Ginsi Tactical Command Base and pay 300,000 kyats per backhoe, 150,000 kyats per large mining engine and 30,000 kyats per small mining engine on a monthly basis in order to continue operating.


Namhkam Township- 1 Clash

On Dec. 17, there was fighting between Burma Army soldiers and TNLA soldiers in the vicinities of Man Awm and Hpalim Bum, north of Namhkam City.


Theinni Township- 1 Clash

On Dec. 18 at 1404 hours, a skirmish erupted between elements of the LID 88 (70 soldiers estimated) en route from Bang Shau and TNLA Unit 303 (80 soldiers estimated) in the vicinity of Lanshau Sai Ling Shingjai Village.


Muse Township- 3 Clashes

On Dec. 20 at 0800 hours, KIA soldiers from 36th Battalion initiated an ambush when they command detonated a landmine against an estimated 50 Burma Army soldiers, en route to Munggu from Da Lung Village. The incident took place at the intersection of the Man Hawng Pa road near Nbaw Hka.

On Dec. 23 between 0715-0740 hours, KIA soldiers defended against a ground offensive of Burma Army soldiers from LIB 14 (100 estimated) from Howa Bum toward Hpung Pyen Yang.

On Dec. 25 at 1000 hours, KIA militiamen from the 36th Battalion command detonated a landmine against an estimated 100 Burma Army soldiers from LIB 14, traveling north of Mungbaw from Howa Bum.


Machanbaw Township- 1 Incident

On Dec. 22 at 1430 hours, Burma Army soldiers from IB 138 stationed at Sumpyi Yang intercepted a public truck and shot the driver in his leg. The driver was taken to Sumpyi Yang, a Burma Army military hospital, where he received treatment for his wounds. No contact was allowed to be made with the driver while in the hospital.