Burma Army Attacks in Kachin and Shan States

14 December 2019

Northern Burma

Northern Burma Clash Map November 2019-01


Northern Burma Conflict Report – November 2019

18+ Battles

Kachin State – 8

Northern Shan State – 10

There was no ceasefire nor drawdown of Burma Army activity in Kachin and Shan states throughout November. Unilateral ceasefires and extensions between the Burma Army and ethnic armed organizations (EAO) failed to prevent hostilities. Battles in northern Shan State remained frequent and in heavily populated areas. Conflict in Kachin State increased last month, with the Burma Army overtaking several Kachin Independence Army (KIA) outposts. Landmines, particularly remote detonated mines, are used frequently. The battles in this report underrepresent the frequency of conflict in Burma during November. 

Kachin State – 8 Battles Total

Waingmaw Township, Kachin State – 4 Battles

Nov. 30 at 1500, Burma Army troops attacked Seng Mai Post. The KIA decamped their post after defending for two waves of attacks. 

Nov. 29 at 1100, Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 388 attacked KIA Pause Bum Post, killing one KIA soldier and wounding another. The KIA defended and then decamped their post.

Nov. 22 at 1500, KIA militiamen (MKM) at Nmwi Zup Post detonated a remote mine at approx. 40 Burma Army soldiers, wounding three, as they came from Hpau Mung Dung Village, Waingmaw Township. MKM decamped the post as Burma Army moved to encircle them.

Mansi Township – 2 Battles

Nov. 30 at 0900, Burma Army soldiers under Military Operations Command (MOC) 7 from Maji Gung Kaba Post raided KIA 27th Battalion Nga Nga Hkyet Post. The Burma Army captured the post and set fire to the huts.

Nov. 29, approx. 50 Burma Army soldiers from LIB 336 from Kaihtik Town triggered a KIA 27th Battalion landmine. Later that day, KIA 27th Battalion soldiers triggered two Burma Army landmines. 

Shwegu Township – 1 Battle

Nov. 20 at 0600, KIA 5th Battalion soldiers detonated a landmine at 30 Burma Army Infantry Battalion (IB) 269 soldiers approaching the KIA outpost in Shwegu Township. 

Myitkyina Township – 1 Battle

Nov. 29, approx. 50 Burma Army soldiers from IB 42 and LIBs 320 and 602 confiscated seven gold mining boats and equipment from civilians in Shat Sha, Htungbu, and Pulawng along the Mali Hka River.  The Burma Army took them to Bhamo (Manmaw) on Nov. 30.

Northern Shan State – 10 Battles Total

Kutkai Township – 8 Battles

Nov. 15 at 1115, approx. 50 Burma Army soldiers and a Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) unit battled between Nam Hpalun and Hpahkup, in Kutkai Township.

Nov. 14 at 1400, Burma Army and TNLA forces battled along Kuthkai Golf Field, Galeng Road junction and Namba Chyi, Paju, in Kuthkai Township.

On Nov. 14 at 1000, Burma Army and TNLA battled at Hpahpik between Kuthkai and Namhpakka, in Kuthkai Township.

Nov. 13, between 0724-0750, approx. 100 TNLA 223rd Battalion under 5th Brigade soldiers and an estimated 100 Burma Army soldiers from IBs 45 and 242 battled near Man Nawng, Kutkai Township, killing one Burma Army soldier and wounding another.

Nov. 13 at 0650, TNLA soldiers and Burma Army soldiers battled near Paju. At 1045 three truckloads of Burma Army soldiers from IB 123 base reinforced their soldiers on the way to Kutkai.

Nov. 6 at 0930, TNLA troops from Unit 571 battled approx. 70 Burma Army LIB 423 soldiers on Nam Nim Hill above Nam Hkam, Kuthkai Township.

Nov. 4, between 1118-1130, approx. 80 Burma Army Light Infantry Division (LID) 99 soldiers from Pying Lung clashed with 40 TNLA 335th Unit soldiers above Hka Lum, Kuthkai Township.

The Burma Army soldiers were attacked as they continued going by 40 MNDAA 741st Unit soldiers at Lagat Hpun Tu Kawng above Namsa, in Kuthkai Township.

Manton Township – 1 Battle

Nov. 22 at 0630, approx. 50 Burma Army LID 101 soldiers battled with TNLA 4th Brigade coming from Manmau. They fought between Manmau and Huhkin in Namhsan Township, northern Shan State.

Kyuakme / Chyaukme Township – 1 Battle

Nov. 12, between 0530-1030, approx. 200 Burma Army soldiers of unknown units from Chyaukme battled TNLA soldiers at Mai Ngaw Village, Chyaukme Township.