Nations: Remembering Sinjar

30 July 2019

Sinjar, Iraq


Excerpt from the article:

“This week marks the five year anniversary of the Yazidi genocide in Sinjar, Iraq. On August 3, 2014, terrorist group ISIS (“Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”) began the coordinated attack and capture of Sinjar, a Kurdish village in Northern Iraq, in an effort to take control of minorities and Christians. The attack targeted around 10,000 Yazidis (a Kurdish religious minority indigenous to Northern Iraq) in just one month.

Four days later, on August 7, 2014, tens of thousands of Yazidis were forced to flee up Mount Sinjar, where many were trapped and ultimately perished due to hunger and dehydration. Hundreds more were murdered at the hands of ISIS on the mountain. In addition to the 10,000 killings and capturings of Yazidi men and boys in Sinjar, around 7,000 women and girls as young as nine were sold as sex slaves to jihadists and subjected to routine rape and torture. ”

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