Baghouz Burning in Northeastern Syria

4 March 2019


Bagouz burning
Baghouz burning

Dear friends,

Below is a video of an exploding ISIS ammunition cache during the evening of March 2 in Baghouz, Syria, the last ISIS position. Here, hardcore ISIS members were fighting in buildings and tunnels surrounded by a mass of tents and trucks that fleeing ISIS families brought here, the bitter physical end of the caliphate.

We see children walking around in the tent area in a daze amidst the explosions and bullets. Over 16,000 have fled through us in the past 30 days and it looks like over 1,000 or maybe many more women and children are left in this pocket up against the Euphrates River. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) offer a way out and surrender for the families. Tonight, March 3, it looks like most of the last families will be able to leave. It’s not yet clear what the remaining ISIS fighters will do. Please pray this ends and that many children are saved.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dave, family and team

ISIS tents and trucks
ISIS tents and trucks
Up against the Euphrates River
Up against the Euphrates River