Burma Army Attacks Karen in Papun District, Breaking Ceasefire; Over 200 Villagers Displaced

1 September 2018

Karen State, Burma

The Burma Army 44th Division, Battalion 2, under the command of Ko Ko Win, launched attacks against the Karen of Papun District, Karen State on 30 and 31 August and 1 September, displacing over 200 Karen people from Kan Nyi Now Village in Dwe Lo Township, Papun (Muthraw) District, Karen State, Burma. In the initial attack on 30 August, the Burma Army fired five rounds of 81 mm mortar into the village and hundreds of rounds of rifle and machine-gun fire. On 31 August they patrolled further out from the village, firing into the jungle. On 1 September, the Karen responded to halt the advance of the Burma Army and fighting continues as of this report.

So far in the current attack, one Karen soldier has been wounded and the villagers are in hiding as the attacks continue. At the same time Burma Army troops of Battalion 1, commanded by Min Min Htun, also of the 44th Division, are attacking in the No Hta and Hte Mae K’La area. Casualties are unknown at this time.

These attacks are in direct violation of the ceasefire agreement and this is the second major violation this year, following attacks by the Burma Army from March to June that displaced over 2,500 Karen in the Ler Mu Plaw area of Papun District, Karen State.

Please pray for the villagers under attack and that we could get help to them. Please pray the Burma Army will stop.

 Thank you and God bless you, Dave, family and the Free Burma Rangers