NBC News: From ISIS Battlefield to Rodeo Camp: One U.S. Family’s Journey

3 July 2017

London, United Kingdom

Excerpt from the article:

It was not a casual war zone drop-in for the family. They’ve spent years doing aid work in dangerous places — together.

“They have been in every battlefield that I’ve been in,” Eubank told NBC News during a recent phone interview from Thailand, a day after the family left Iraq on their way to the U.S. for the summer. “They have been all around Mosul — every part of it. And into Syria, Burma and Sudan.”

For the Eubanks, having their children with them is non-negotiable. They believe that if other families are forced to live in war-torn places like Mosul, then why shouldn’t they be there to help? They argue that it’s no more dangerous for them than it is for locals.

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