CBN NEWS: “AMAZING RESCUE: Ex-US Soldier Says ‘God Opened a Way’ to Save Girl Trapped by ISIS”

15gm June 2017

Mosul, Iraq

The rescued girl watching CBN's Superbook
The rescued girl watching CBN’s Superbook

Excerpt from the article:

“The next day, Eubank returned to the location and saved seven more people.

‘More than 70 lay dead all around these survivors – men, women, children, elderly, crippled – no one was spared,’ Eubank said.

Eubank’s wife, Karen, and their children, are also in Iraq helping those fleeing ISIS.

Karen Eubank sent CBN a picture of the little girl they rescued. She can be seen sitting on a bed watching CBN’s Superbook on a laptop.

‘She spent that first night and next day with us,’ Karen told CBN in an email.”

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