18 Shan Students Complete Advanced Leadership, Ethnic Unity and Relief Team Training

4 May 2015
Shan State, Burma
Students study and practice land navigation skills.

18 Shan Free Burma Rangers graduated on 25 April 2015 from an Advanced Leadership, Ethnic Unity and Relief Team Training held in Shan State, Burma. This advanced training was held for Rangers who had previously completed the basic training courses and offered the Shan Rangers opportunity to review important concepts and receive advanced instruction in several topic areas. We would like to thank the RCSS/SSA, as well as the Shan Health Committee, for their help in coordinating and facilitating this training.

Students study and practice land navigation skills.

Topic areas included Leadership, Land Navigation, Combat/Emergency first aid, Ethnic Unity, and Security. Students studied land navigation concepts including use of map, compass, and global positioning systems (GPS), and received medical training to build on previous knowledge and learn additional emergency medical procedures. Outside of the classroom students were challenged physically through daily physical training sessions and put their skills into action during several security and medical practical sessions. Additionally, students completed courses in swimming, rappelling, and rope-bridge crossing.

Students practice IV insertion.
Patient evacuation during emergency medical scenario.

All of the Shan Rangers successfully completed the training, standing committed to continuing to advance their knowledge and skills and use their training to serve the people of Burma. These Rangers will continue to provide help, hope and love to their people, and are currently preparing for their next mission in Southern Shan State. FBR will continue to hold advanced trainings in the future to build capacity and empower Ranger teams as they continue to serve their communities and all peoples who continue to suffer under oppression in Burma.

Shan Ranger practices rope-bridge crossing.

Thank you and God bless you,

The Free Burma Rangers

Rangers participate in swim training.