Report on Murder of 103-year Old Mother and Son by Burma Army Soldiers

April 24, 2015 
Kachin State

***Warning: Graphic images included in this report.

Following on from our report on the murder of civilians on the first of April we have received additional information on this crime and its perpetrators.

On 21 March 2015 at 10:30AM, Burma Army troops from Light Infantry Battalions 317 and 415 of the 88th Division came to attack Mahtek Village, Mansi Township in the Kachin Independence Army’s 27th Battalion area.

People from across the area fled from the advance, including residents from Du Hku Village, some 1.27 kilometres from Mahtek. These people sought refuge in the jungle and hoped to avoid the Burma Army.

Amongst the refugees were 52-year-old Dau Ma La and his 103-year-old mother Da Shi Hka.

Grabbing a few possessions, they ran into the jungle and hid. At 11.00AM Dau Ma La and Da Shi Hka were discovered by Burma Army troops under the command of Commander Ye Win Lwin and were shot to death. The soldiers then looted over two million Kyats from the son and mother before leaving.

103-year old woman murdered by Burma Army.

Dau Ma La’s son, Maru Naw Grawng (19 years old) and daughter-in-law Hkai Htu (18 years old) fled to Mung Hkawng Village, Mansi Township, Kachin state.

We are very sorry for this and will do our best to help them. Thank you for your care, 

Dau Ma La, killed and robbed by Burma Army with his mother whilst hiding in the jungle.

God bless you.

Free Burma Rangers.