Burma Army kills 21 Kachin, Ta’ang and Arakan Trainees

20 More Are Wounded in Artillery Attack

21 November 2014
Kachin State, Burma
Kachin soldiers laying out attack victims.

At 12:15 on 19 November 2014, the Burma Army’s Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 390 fired a 105mm Howitzer at the Kachin Woi Chyai Bum Officer Training School, killing 23 trainees. The Burma Army fired from their position on Hka Ya Bum mountain, which has a direct line of sight to the Kachin training school, located north of Laiza in Waingmaw Township, Kachin State. The shell impacted on the parade ground of the Woi Chyai Bum Officer Training School when officer trainees were practicing drills. Twenty trainees were instantly killed and three died of their wounds on the same day.  At least twenty people were wounded, including four instructors. 

Kachin soldiers carry a comrade off the drill field.

At 12:30 on the same day, Burma Army LIB 389 fired artillery from Bungshi post, Hka Ya Bum, towards Lang Ta post, where troops from Kachin Independence Army (KIA) 23rd Battalion are positioned on the outskirts of Laiza.

Elsewhere at 12:30 the Burma Army LIB 386 fired artillery from Dum Bang Bum at Hka La post where KIA security forces are stationed.

20 were wounded in the attack, including four instructors.

List of Killed

1.     Mai Sat Chya Dang

2.     Mai Naga Ngye

3.     Mai Hkre Plang

4.     Mai Aik Chya

5.     Mai Sangai Jo

6.     Mai Plaw San

7.     Mai Sangai Htun

8.     Mai Kung Kamai

9.     Mai Aik Myit

10.   Naw Yawt Hkre

11.   Mai Om Hu ( Died during hospital treatment)

12.   John Byak Din Lin

13.   Ram Ngawk (Died during hospital treatment)

14.   Kyaw Hkan

15.   Ko Saw Tin

16.   Hkai Htet Aung

17.   Hkai Htun

18.   Ye Win Htun

19.   Yan Lin Soe

20.   Aung Aung Tan

21.   Teing Tang Naing

22.   Heing Htet

23.  Tet Zaw

Victims of Burma Army Howitzer attack on training camp.