FBR REPORT: Loss of a Ranger – Saw Kler Lay
Karen State, Burma
19 April, 2012


Dear friends,

We are sad to report the loss of a team member. On 28 March 2012, Saw Kler Lay was killed by a lightning strike during a heavy thunderstorm. He was working inside Burma in his home area of Ta Naw Th’ree Township, Mergui/Tavoy District, Karen State. Kler Lay was a video cameraman as well as a deputy team leader, and he had been serving his people as a Free Burma Ranger since 2008. He was tough, smart and kind, and always willing to help and encourage others. On the news of his death, multiple staff members wished to express their appreciation of him and the life he led. These testimonies are below.

FBR Mergui/Tavoy District Coordinator

Saw Kler Lay, 2009

In my first Mergui/Tavoy District FBR Training Kler Lay was a man who immediately stood out to me. He was smart and a strong leader, but what I remember the most was his amazing smile and pleasant, joyful personality. He was so enthusiastic and attentive during all our training sessions and his smile just made you feel honored to be a small part of his life. It was obvious that he was highly respected as a leader by all district team members.



Kler Lay at Training, 2011. Photo credit: hisvoiceforthekaren@gmail.com

Kler Lay was very special friend of mine during the Mergui/Tavoy District FBR Training. His devotion to his Christian faith, and his joy and commitment at being a Ranger will stay with me all my life. He was an excellent team leader and took pride in his role as videographer, setting an example to all to love each other and never surrender. I am honored to have known this man and saddened for all for this loss. I pray for his team and family as they cope with this tragic event.



Kler Lay on Mission, 2011. Photo credit: hisvoiceforthekaren@gmail.com

Dear friends, family and teammates,

I am so sorry for the loss of Saw Kler Lay. He was a wonderful man, teammate and servant of all. I had the privilege of training and working with him and am honored to call him my friend and team mate.

He set an example of love, service, perseverance and professionalism that reflects great credit on him, his people, the FBR and the KNU. He will always be remembered as a real Ranger who gave his all for his people. In life he was a willing servant and a hope for the oppressed. In death he was a hero giving his all and dying while on duty of help, hope and love.

We miss him and look forward to seeing him in God’s heaven.

May God comfort and lead us all on to serve as Saw Kler Lay did.


David Eubank
Free Burma Rangers