FBR REPORT: The Burma Army kills and mutilates a 13-year-old boy and 25-year-old man in Central Karen State
Karen State, Burma
25 March, 2008

Note: Graphic photos included at end of this report.

On December 25th, Burma Army troops captured two villagers from the village of Tee Law Bler, Dooplaya District. The Burma Army beat and killed both Saw Dee Klee, a 13 year old boy, and Saw No Maw, a 25 year old man. They then disemboweled Saw No Maw, and then burned the two bodies, as well as the rice field that they were captured in. The unit responsible for the attack is LIB 401, commanded by Tho Tho Twin, under the command of MOC 8.

Overall Situation

The Burma Army (the armed forces of the ruling SPDC) and two of their proxy forces the DKBA and KPF, have increased their attacks on the local population since 2007. The killings described in this report are on the increase as SPDC forces try to expand their domination of all of central Karen State.

There are now more than 18 Burma Army battalions operating in this area under MOC 8, MOC 12, MOC 15, Division 22 and Western Command. The DKBA has four battalions and the KPF has three battalions supporting the Burma Army.

  • MOC 8= 7 battalions
  • MOC 12 = 2 battalions
  • MOC 15 = 1 or 2 battalions
  • Western Command = 3 battalions
  • Division 22 = at least 3 battalions
  • DKBA= 4 battalions (901,906, 907, 999)
  • KPF= 3 battalions (1,2,3)

Total Battalions in Dooplaya District = 23-24 battalions


Saw No Maw, age 25
Saw Dee Klee age 13


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