FBR REPORT: Toungoo District Relief Team Member Dies on 29 May 2006
Karen State, Burma
30 May, 2006

Mya Win with baby he helped deliver

Mya Win helped deliver this baby, with IDPs fleeing Burma Army attacks in March 2006.
Even though he is not a medic, he was able to help with the successful delivery of this new baby.

Mya Win documenting the sending of relief supplies across a road controlled by the Burma Army.

Saw Mya Win passed away on 29 May due to a yet-to-be-diagnosed illness. He had been working with the area Free Burma Ranger (FBR) relief team and during a lull in the Burma Army attacks had gone home to help his family who were also displaced and in hiding. As he was trying to move them to a safer place he became ill and died. Due to the attacks of the Burma Army there was not enough medicine available where he was.

Saw Mya Win was the team camera man, report writer and Good Life Club counselor. He was a very witty and intelligent man and was an outstanding report writer.

His death is a tragedy for his family and for all of us. The loss of this young father and team member is another effect of the dictators’ misrule of Burma and their attacks on their own people. However, we are grateful for his life and for how he made wherever he was a better place.

We are grateful too that the God of love who gave this world Mya Win will take care of him and us and that we will all be reunited one day.

This gift of love and life does not take away our sorrow at his passing but gives us hope and strength for our daily lives.

Thank you for your care and prayers for Mya Win’s family, who are still in hiding now.

We will do our best to help them and stand with them.

God Bless you all,

The Free Burma Rangers