FBR REPORT: Images from BurmaNewborn  IDP Babies Born in Hiding
Karen State, Burma
22 April, 2006

Naw Bee Ko with baby.

This is at the birth of Naw Paw Dee Htoo (Flower of the Golden Melon) at a hiding place.  Naw Bee Ko, the woman whose husband and mother in law were killed and daughter shot in March, is the aunt of the woman who gave birth.  Naw Bee Ko’s husband was the brother of the newborn baby’s grandmother.

Baby born April 21.

This is a photo of a mother and son (Saw Brave) who was born at the same hiding site where Naw Paw Dee Htoo was born (see above).  This birth was the day before Naw Paw Dee Htoo was born.  Naw Bee Ko (see above) is also the aunt of this woman, as the two women who gave birth are sisters.

Nurse cleaning newborn baby.

This is a photo of the relief team nurse who delivered Naw Paw Dee Htoo on April 22, 2006.