FBR REPORT: Message from a Relief Team Leader
Karen State, Burma
6 January, 2006

Naw Moo Day Wa and Naw Sa Sakee WaThese two 12 year old girls are displaced Karen whose homes were destroyed by the Burma Army. They now live in an IDP site in the Northern Karen State of Burma. They are also now the charter members of the Good Life Club-“God brings good life”, in this area.

Naw Moo Day Wa, on the left was shot in the stomach by Burma Army troops while she was harvesting her families rice field four years ago when she was eight years old. She survived the shooting but was in a coma for one week in a bamboo mobile clinic. We sent her to Thailand later but the bullet was judged too dangerous to remove. Her body has now walled it off and she is healthy and says she feels no pain. She is back with her family in a IDP site and is in school.

The girl on the right is named Naw Sa Sakee Wa. She was brought to us on a mission with a very serious intestinal problem that needed immediate surgery. We sent her to Thailand for the operation and now she is completely healed and well.

While waiting for their treatment both girls stayed in our home and we all became as family. We love them very much and thank God for their lives. Now they are back in their homes and it is wonderful to see them healthy and full of life. Their parents brought the two girls to see us on this mission and to thank us. We gave them the new Good Life Club t-shirts provided by Partners and had a wonderful time with them.

Thank you for your love and care for these girls.

God bless you, A Free Burma Ranger