FBR REPORT: Burma Army kidnaps three women, assaults villagers and attacks Karenni Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Karenni State
Karenni State, Burma
27 December, 2005

On December 17, 2005 110 troops of Burma Army LIB 428, under the command of Major Wing Zaw, along with 4 companies from the KNSO attacked the Yaw Ah Ta Ka Village QB 7001. (Note: All grid coordinates in this report are for British 1:63,360, ‘One Inch’ maps.) One soldier named Saw A Moo, a guide for LIB 428, assaulted nine villagers. The names of the villagers are:

1. Naw Ju Ju
2. Naw Ku Lu
3. Naw Htoo Shoo
4. Saw Ge
5. Palimoo
6. Pothada
7. Naw Pu
8. Naw Ju
9. Saw Gu Lu

Women Kidnapped:

Three of the women who were assaulted, Naw Ju Ju, Naw Pu and Naw Ju were taken by the soldiers from Yaw Ah Ta Ka village to the front line. There has been no news of what has happened to them. The next day, on Dec. 17, 2005, Burma Army LIB 426 under the command of Major Taung Taung Win attacked Papo Village LWQB 5314.

Burma Army Battalions (and commanders) currently conducting operations to find and attack IDP hide sites:

LIB 421 Major Myo Min Aung
LIB 424 Major Myo Ting Aung
LIB 426 Major Taung Taung Win
LIB 428 Major Wing Zaw

LIB 421 = 70 troops + KNSO (Karenni National Solidarity Organization- allied with the Burma Army) = 6 troops.
LIB 424 = 110 troops
LIB 426 = 110 troops + KNPLF (Karenni Peoples Liberation Front, also allied with the Burma Army) = 60 troops.

LIB 428 = 110 troops.

Karenni Villages also targeted in this operation:

Papo LWQB 5314
Katho Thi LWQB 5402
Kwa Thi LWQB 5506
Wi Wa LWQB 4808
Yaw Ah Ta Ka LWQB 7001
Pu Klo LW QB 3998


On 17 December 2005 Burma army Battalion LIB 426 and KNLPF troops attacked Papo village.

On 16 December 2005 Burma Army Battalion LIB 428, and KNSO troops attacked Yaw Ah Ta Ka village.

At this time total number of newly displaced people as a result of these attacks is unknown.