FBR REPORT: Burma Army Attack in Karen State
Karen State, Burma
28 November, 2005

  Key Developments:    
  900 villagers flee and 30 homes are burned as the Burma Army attacks villagers in Northern Karen State, Burma    

Map of area of Burma Army attack

Toungoo District, Northern Karen State, Burma November 26-28, 2005

900 villagers flee as Burma Army IB 73 (Columns 1 and 2) attacked Hee Daw Kaw Village, burned 30 houses and captured one villager named Sho Sar. The 900 villagers are now in hiding. 300 of these 900 villagers are from Hee Daw Kaw and the other 600 are from surrounding villages.

The Burma Army commenced the attack on the village on 26 November. The villagers fled at 9 a.m. on the same day, November 26, 2005. The Burma Army then burned down 30 houses today, on 28th November

An updated report will be sent when further information is available.


  Notes to Editor    

Names of villages have not been included for the security of the villagers